Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sept 10 2006 update on Sofia

Although we have not received our invite to travel (which is the last thing we need so we can leave for China), we did receive some additional information about her:

She is almost 25" tall (almost an inch taller than in June). She weighs 14.6 pounds (just over a pound more) and her feet are 4 inches long. With her first birthday around the corner, she already has four teeth. With her height and weight, she finally appears on the Chinese growth chart at a whopping 3 %...yeah.

We were also told that she enjoys being around the older kids and is not shy to new people (this will help her in the adjusting with us). Keep us in your prayers (with hoping to be with her on her birthday and that appearing not be the case - we'll need some additional prayers) and we'll keep you posted on any news we get.