Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lize Update....No Invite to Travel....BUT

Well, today we recieved a surprise, an upated picture of Lize (Sorry, the quality isn't the best as I had to scan the picture from a word doc) along with some updated info.

Here's her latest info:
31 Pounds
28 Inches Tall
(As a reference, Sofi weighs 25 pounds and is 33 inches tall).
The info shared with us indicates that she likes to eat (a true Newsome trait) and sounds as if she's not too picky, can stand alone -even from a sitting position, can walk while holding someone's hand, can climb stairs, can walk backwards, pick up small objects, play with toys, likes to draw/scribble, drink from a cup, feeds herself, ask for things she wants, turn pages in a book, knows her name, point to objects on a page, gets upset when told no, has favorite toys, likes commercials and cartoons (Will has a buddy), likes to play with baby dolls (Looks like Sofi has a buddy too).
In our prayers we prayed in faith that God will allow us to travel soon and while we wait to just send us a sign that she's healthy, happy and fine. As always, if we're faithful, patient and prayerful, God will provide.
This blessing of this news will help us get through the days ahead while we wait. Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers. We'll keep you posted.