Sunday, May 29, 2011


In the early morning hours of Tues our lives changed in minutes. My dear sweet Debby- my children's Aunt, mother to Missy and Nicole, Nana to Nicholas, Brady and Lily, wife to Michael for almost 32 years (high school sweethearts). She was part of my ENTIRE life. Never missed a thing. From my birth she was always gone in an instant. I don't have a single bad memory just lot's of fun, amazing times....She will be missed by so many

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lovin Life....

Will and our beautiful niece Lily (she's only 5 months old) My lil ladies "best fwiends"

Sofia with our new great nephew Abel...

Sofi, Brady and Lize....He is just as mischevious as he looks.

My dear friend Tina used to play with Zach when he was was a toddler. Now he's as tall as her.

"Best fwiends"

3 generations-James, Mamaw, Will

Will found a new activity he enjoys....bowling who woulda known

Lize, Sofi and Faith- Thanks AAC for these beautifull ladies!!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Life is good.....

Mothers day is my favorite day of the year! My 4 kiddos that call me "mommy". Our sweet lil friend Alivia who was adopted from Korea back in Sept continues to make gains slow but sure.

The girls have been after me since watching Despicable Me about doing ballet. I have to admit I love watching them.


It's sooo much fun when the girls enjoy being sisters