Monday, December 17, 2012

Tis the season...

December as always, is a magical busy month. We are days from hearing "Dossier to China" so I am happy for the many activities. We have had parties, Christmas programs, family get togethers, concerts, gift exchanges, drives looking for lights, cookie baking and lots of mischief from Lucy (our elf on the shelf). Having kids makes everything more magical!!
                                       Will at his band concert.
                                      Sofia in her "Holiday" concert.
                                    Lize too
                                   Lucy our elf
                                    The girlies. The girls got bears from Aunt Brenda and Lize hasn't put it down since she got it. Aunt Brenda has an amazing gift of making people (ecspecially kids) feel like they are important and matter in a way that can only be a gift from GOD.
Cute aren't they?!
                                      James, his mom and brother.
                                                   Girls with Aunt Barbie (daddy's sister)
This picture sums up Lize and her joyful personality. Ohh how I can't wait for another sweet Asian lil lady.