Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy May....

My wonderful husband gave me a mission trip to Costa Rica for my 40th birthday. I wanted another child but working in a mother's home and orphange for a week is right up my alley. I get to go with 19 other women. My friend Marie being one of them.
We also get to go to Disney with 5 other families. Marie (above) and her family (same Marie with Costa Rica), My best friend Trish and her wonderful family and 3 other families who we have been in a life group with for almost 4 years. GOD has blessed us with these wonderful people.

May is going to be filled with a few great journey. This weekend my cousin (who's more like a niece) is getting married in Indiana. The girls get to be in it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too proud....

As many of you know the past 18 months have been a "little" stressful. We have had lots of challenges, changes and life lessons. Through it all, Zach has taken everything in stride. He rarely complains, asks for anything extra or fusses. When he asked to go on a missions trip--we were very excited. We didn't hesitate to say yes, we'll figure it out. He offered to try to raise the money but with everything he's taken in stride--we said we'd figure it out. At Church tonight, he was picked to receive a free mission trip. He was chosen b/c of his attitude and having GREAT potential to change lives of others. We are beyond words. Praising GOD for this gift. There is so much negativity these teens see--seeing him get positive feedback from others warms our souls. Two weeks ago he also got an award from the middle school principal for some of the same character traits. Although he says not to make a big deal---the parent part of us tooo happy, proud, excited and praising GOD from the rooftops for light at the end of this tunnel.