Sunday, October 25, 2009

Life's a Beach in Florida....

Well it continues to be hot (90+). We got a break 2 days where it was in the low 80's. I know it sounds great but this midwest girl realizes now why she always enjoyed summer for only 3 months. 90+ for 4 months is way too much for me. The kids love the beach and the pool though.
Where did my little boy go???

I have hundreds of shells. Lize gets so excited every time she finds one to "cake wit me home". I can't say no.

Sofi is VERY specific with the shells she wants to bring home. Only the white ones, big enough to paint.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

" I did it "

Anyone who has a child with a clift pallate knows that sucking through a staw is an "awesome" accomplishment and big deal. It only took 6 months, but she figured it out " all bide shelf ". She keeps saying " I dood it, I dood it ".

Monday, October 12, 2009

Funny things kids say...

When I got out of the shower, I found Sofi sitting at the table with a donut. I told her I was getting ready to make lunch. She said "silly mommy, I'm having a snak not a meal"

Sunday, October 04, 2009


We have been busy celebrating 3 birthdays. Sofi turned 4 on Sept 23rd, Will 9 on Sept 25th and Lize 3 on Oct 3rd. Instead of buying presents, we took them to Disney World. We somehow talked James into camping one night. We spent an awesome day at the Magic Kingdom. To say it was AMAZING would be an understatemnt. The look in the girls eyes was priceless....

Will enjoyed every moment with daddy.

The girls are obsessed with Mr. Potatoe head. They didn't want to leave the store. There was hundreds of possible combination and pieces for "tatoe hed".

Last year at this time I was in tears b/c I knew Lize was spending another birthday without a mommy or daddy. She was so excited to have "take" & kept singing " hatty birtday to ne"

Sofi helped make her own cake. She wanted a square cake, with strawberries in it.

Any one who has ever adopted knows the bittersweet celebration of their childs birthday. I am blessed to be their mommy. I can't help but think about the women who gave me this wonderful gift of my daughters. I pray often for both the women to have peace. Every birthday I'm overwhelmed with emotion thinking about how blessed I am to get to celebrate with my girls.