Friday, March 21, 2008

From snow and dpression to total happiness...Lize Update

Yesterday, we had 45 degree weather, the roads were dry, we could see the brown grass and it was the first day of Spring. I finally had hope of it actually getting warmer. By 5 pm today we had 12 inches of snow on the ground (as it was snowing 1 inch per hour for the better part of the day) and depression was setting in from yet...more snow. After snow blowing the drive, I checked the mail (from yesterday) and found a piece of mail that made the day a happy day.

Today we received our final piece of paperwork (approval) so that we can submit our documents to China and get logged in. From that point, we've been told that it could be as early as three t0 five months before we travel to China to get Lize.- we're obviously praying for the three months.

We ask that everyone continue to pray for our family and give us the peace we need until we get Lize and the Patience as we continue to get closer to the travel date.