Saturday, April 14, 2012

Locks of Love and Pantene

Today was a big day. Sofia decided after looking at Hailey's blog Sunday that she wanted a short haircut and give her hair to locks of Love like Hailey's other friend. I her to wait till tuesday to decide because I was attached to her long hair. Tuesday came I chickened out so I told her friday we will do it if she wanted to. Friday came and both Lize and Sofi wanted to cut their hair now.
First was Lize. She only had 8" so hers went to Pantene (diff company but same concept).
It turned out super cute. I have to admit, Lize freaked after the initial cut. She loved it later but it wasn't a lovely site during the haircut.
Lize's 8" hair.....
Sofia's 10 "
Sofia's new do!

It looks super cute! Sofia always says how much she loves her hair so this was a big deal. She taught mommy another lesson about giving. Lize said at night that really hit me hard "I am still Lize Grace just with shorter hair." I realized I was more attached to their hair than their giving hearts were.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter fun

Waiting to see the Easter Bunny-this is as close as Sofi would get even to the walkway to "that tarey wooking thing!"
Waiting for the inflatable's at church hunt.
Coloring eggs with daddy. This is one of James LEAST favorite thing to do in the whole world. It's sorta funny that he stresses all day but he participates. If he was a drinker I think this would be that time for one.
At a friends house for Easter-Lize hunting for eggs
Lize, Sofi and Jules hunting for eggs. A cute side note-the 3 girls were sitting waiting for food when they got really quiet, joined hands and started praying. They each said "thank you JESUS for loving for loving me and my family" it was really sweet and unpromted.

Saturday, April 07, 2012


Life has been happy busy. We have had problems with the computer and downloading pictures. I'm not sure if other adoptees experience this but here goes- i was in walmart with Zach n Lize. I have been known to get distracted by lil things. Lize is so much the same way. He teases us alot! I said mother like daughter. He laughed and reminded me I didn't "birth" her. I really do forget the girls are Chineese sometimes and that they weren't biological. They were meant to be right here-in my soul they are mine. The flip side is what took place this week.
First the target lady-i know people r interested. I try hard to entertain questions. Who has the right to invade though. Target lady asked if I had children "of my own" in front of the girls of course. I tried to say politely they r mine but she didn't let up. Mcdonald's lady asked if the girls were sisters-in front of them. The girls said "forever n always". She of course didn't let it stop their either. Lastly at church egg hunt today. 2 seperate times, someone asked "how much did they cost?" with the girls there ofcourse. One had the nerve to say she'd rather have a Harley than someone else kid. Sometimes I run out of things to say.....