Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In her mama's arms

Although I don't have any new pictures yet- Alivia is her mama's arms. She is perfect (of course) Her foster family loved and adored her. They were full of information, pictures, gifts and love. I can't wait to meet her! They will be home Thurs night.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

On her way.....

Jackie is on her way to get her little lady Alivia. She doesn't get her till Tues but she gets the weekend to take in the Korean culture. We can't wait to see pictures of their fist meeting.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HOOOORAY Balsigers!

After years of prayers, our friends the Balsigers are traveling to get their daughter Alivia from Korea. She will be well loved and welcomed by 4 brothers, lots of extended family, wonderferul church and large group of friends.

Please keep Jackie in your prayers as she travels with her mom to get her, Scott staying back w/4 boys, all their activties and his own business. PLEASE pray for her health and BONDING. Praise GOD another orphan will know CHRIST and never go to bed without a family.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Functional hearing????

Lizeis sooo flippin cute, sweet, energetic, inovative, creative, loving, motherly and spirited. GOD knew I would love these traits and foster them well. I prasie HIM for the gift of all my children but Lize took me extra work convincing everyone. Yesterday we visited Shriners for the audiology and ENT exam for Lize. Since her ear surgery in June she has done amazing although she has 2 major ear infections in the left. She has been speaking more clearly, more blended sounds and starting to use constanents at the beggining of words. The volume thing though seems to not change to dad's dismay.
In July I noticed some of the same behaviors I saw back in February. Her not turning to certain sounds on her left, hitting her self on the the left side of her head and the "whatd you said" phrase. I told myself-she's 3, it's learned behavior from before, stop overacting.........

Then yesterday the Audioligist and ENT had "that" look again. With a smile Dr. Curtis said we have functional hearing on the right. She has all ranges of function, can partipate in speech and will get "great" benifit BUT.....the left is a whole diff story. We know she had severe damage to the left eardrum and the bones are'nt able to vibrate like they should b/c of scar tissue. We also know sometimes surgery works but it didn't again. The tests say she hears everything on the left "muffled". He said she is an awesome compensator and will do well. He aggreed to try one more surgery in 3 months but then tht's it. We then have to concentrate on the "good" ear and decide on a hearing aide on the left or not. He also said if we wanted a 2nd opinion to not feel bad-he'd help any way he could.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


"Mommy, I nweed awergy medcine-my itchy eyes and nose are making my awergies sneeze."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Although moving can be fun, exciting, awesome & scary--it can be hard for 14 year old teens who have been "friends" for 3 years. Zach has been great with all the changes, he never complains. I however remember very vividly being that age-madly in love with my now husband of 19 years. It is hard to sit by and watch them hurt. We are only 90 min north of where we were but for the non-driver...it's a million miles away.

p.s. moving went smooth, james loves his job and so far this seems like a GREAT place to live.