Monday, September 10, 2007

Summer Fun - July / Aug / Sept

Every July, Germantown offers a "family" campout and movie in one of the many parks. Sofia and I enjoy some popcorn as we await the movie to start.

Popcorm quickly became one of Sofia's most favorite foods (and she loves to have her own bag / cup when she's home).

Will decided he wanted to be a chef so true to form, mommy made sure she got him his much needed chef outfit.

He made some cookies and likes giving a hand to mom.

- > Dawn took the kids to the Milwaukee County Zoo. Sofi took her first zoo train ride. They enjoyed seeing all the animals and petting the sharks and stingrays. Mommy even treated the kids to eating at the zoo (rather than the PBJ days).

For the past couple of years, our friends the Jameson's have invited us to northern Wisconsin resort called Silver Birch Ranch. It is a great experience and this year we were able to really enjoy it as Sofia was with us. We had fun doing everything from boating to horse back riding.

We're already looking forward to next year's trip.

The boys started another school year (here's a picture of our 1st grader - Will and our 6th grader -Zach).

How did Sofia react you ask, she cried when the boys left and Dawn had to pull her away from Will when she dropped him off. Dawn said she kept crying Will's name most of the morning.