Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer 2012

Well summer just flew by. We end every summer by going to Silver Birch Ranch. It is a Christian camp. It is litterally one of my top favorite places on earth.
 James-zip lining. Everyone except Sofi and I went.
 Lize went on the paddle boat with daddy.
 Lize and Jules.
 Sofi on her "cruise ship" in white lake.
 The girls and Grandma Annie. She adores the girls and they think she is the coolest Grandma ever. She is a dear friends mom who visits every 18 moths or so from South Africa. She has always had a special bond to Sofi ecspecially. There is a rare connection between them that can't be put into words.
 We went to bay beach a few times.
 We went to the zoo alot.
 We went to Chicago with our Life Group family.
 Zach let us take a rare picture!
 My sweet niece Kylee got married!
 3 of my 4 neices. Kylee, Danna, Khora