Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is just thoughtfull rantings of a crazy, GOD loving women who loves life.....A life filled with an awesome husband, kids, church, friends, family....A dear friend got pregnant her senior year of high school. She hid it for almost 20 weeks because she knew what her parents would do. The day she told them--she was right with their reaction--she was kicked out once they found out she was too far along. His parents took her in. What her mom said has HAUNTED me for nearly 18 years. "I wanted to give her the chance I never had" " Now she will be a mom forever". "The chance I never had" has haunted me. The friends older sister was the product of a relationship before abortion was legal. Her mother always thought it was unfair that abortion was ever illegal. My dear friend went on to get married and has been over 18 years. She has 4 beautiful children. She loves the LORD and wouldn't wish any of her children "gone". Her sister has 4 wonderful children. Look how many relationships, lives would have been different by one action. Praise GOD my friend chose life on purpose. PRAISE GOD my daughters mothers chose life in a place where abortion would have been easier....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Still here.....

Wow has life been a "lil" crazy. I love my life so the craziness is just fine. I'd be nice if it wasn't all at once sometimes but that's alright. Lize finally got ear surgery before the big snow storm hit. It appears it worked. She keeps putting her hands over her ears telling everyone "top bewing too woud". We go back in March for the official opinion. Shriners always gives the kiddo's gifts to take their minds off what is going on. These princess shoes have been on Lize's feet every day and night since that moment.
Sofi got to go to her 1st big girl birthday party by her self. Lize was invited but was the last person in our family to get the flu on the "biddiest day of my wife".

We have had an emense amount of snow. I'm convinced the girls go out for 3 min so they can have hot chocolate.
The girls started a preschool program 2 afternoons a week. I HATE HATE HATE them being gone but it was the only way to get Lize all the services she needs and Sofi felt left out. They are in the same class. I love watching them "mother" eachother.

We have played LOTS of playdoh. Whenever daddy is out of town we have a few special things we do. This is one of them.

We play lots of hide and seek. I get up to about 6 min to go to the bathroom when they hide in the cabnits.

We went to our 1st hockey game. It was a hoot. Not a dull moment the entire game!

Zach had his 15th birthday. I'm not sure where the time went. He is on the powerlifting team at school. He did AWESOME at all his meets. Although he did'nt qualify for state, because of his effort he's going-going to help out those who did. We are really proud of the person he is.

I have and continue to love every moment of this life GOD has given me!!