Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a week........ (GO ND!!)

This week turned out to go as planned with a few pleasant surprises. My brother is a HUGE Kentucky fan and after their win on Monday night in the NIT tourney, he called me to advise that they would be playing Notre Dame at Notre Dame's home court in the quarter-final round of the NIT. A few calls later and my brother and his son along with me and my two sons had tickets for the Wednesday game.

The biggest event of that night wasnt' the game itself but rather the time I was able to spend with my boys, my brother and nephew (it didn't hurt that Notre Dame won the game is on to the NIT Semi-finals ----GO IRISH!) Here's some pictures of us on Notre Dame's campus and at the game:

We finished our week up with a night out with some friends including a Chris Tomlin concert on Friday in Chicago. I may have been billed as a concert but it was a great time of worship and I would suggest anyone who likes his music to certainly go and see him live...rather powerful.
Well, that brings to close another week here in beautiful Wisconsin. Oh by the way, we had a wonderful Spring Snow Shower last night as we were driving home from Chicago. I can't wait until we can enjoy our 3 - 4 weeks of summer.....ha ha

Monday, March 16, 2009

A day of fun in Chicago....and an update on Lize's surgery schedule

Yesterday, I (James) took the kids down to Chicago for a fun day in the big city. As most of you already know, our family loves Chicago and we take many trips per year there. This was our second trip so far this year (my first alone with the kids). We had a great time and enjoyed The Field Museum and walking around.

Below, you will find some photos of our day but before you look I wanted to let everyone know that Lize's surgery has been scheduled for April 16th. We're so excited and I'll keep everyone posted as the day gets closer. Here's the photos (Sue the T-Rex was everyone's favorite):

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yes, we're crazy.....but

Isn't she cute? Yes, I'm a true sucker. Dawn and the kids beat me into submission and I crumbled to the pressure and said yes that we could get this cute Cockapoo (1/2 Cocker Spaniel and 1/2 Toy Poodle). They say they'll take care of "poo" in the yard but we'll see. Any way, here's some pictures of her. Her name is Molly, she's 8 months old and shouldn't get much bigger what she is now.