Sunday, April 14, 2013

 We are still here. Waiting for a match for Elle is getting hard. We have been busy just as we like it. I have been covering for another physical therapist while the kiddos are in school. I have not worked full time for over 15 years. I have got to say besides the extra money for Elle's adoption...I would rather be home full time. We went to the Shrine circus.
 The kids loved it. The look of amazement on their faces was priceless.
 Sofi usually is extreamly reserved but she enjoyed it too.

 We have had dress up play dates
 Went ice scating again and again
 Zach made it to the state powerlifting meet
 We have had more snow than we expected but enjoyed it all the same.
We are praying we get matched for Elle the end of April. Otherwise it will go into the end of June at the earliest for the next set of kiddos. There are alot of changes coming for Chinese adoptions....