Monday, February 06, 2012

Days 4,5,6

We went to a resort for the day in Jamaica. It had a pool area and beach. Lize and Will chillin in the lazy river. The girls had to get braids in there hair.The beach was beautiful. We took a nice picture of the girls on the rocks but were forced to delete it. Why you ask? Apparently the other side of the rocks was a "nude" beach. uhh ohh

Will's place of choice each night.
At dinner our wonderful waiter made lots things to entertain the kids. Gotta admit it was fun not having to keep everyone happy until dinner came.
Sofi had a blast eating "big" people food. She didn't order off the kids menu once. Lize on the other hand had mac-n-cheese and popcorn shrimp every day.
Cayman Island. How fun. See that boat lookin thing, it was a banana boat which Will talked me into doing. It was soo scary. I jumped off 1/2 way through the ride and swam back to shore. I don't swim well in open water b/c of an unrealistic fear of sharks. I felt the risk of being eaten by a shark was worth it.
The sand was so soft and white. Sofia loved looking for fish. That was she could run out of the water and scream!Getting ready to go to beach in Mexico...
They let the kids jump in the pool so they did too many times to count.
Will had so much fun in the Caymens he talked Zach into it in Mexico.
Oh how we love the beach!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Cruise days 1 thru 3....

Sofia won a raffle the first day. Although I think he's scary ugly but she was VERY proud.In the elevator going to our room on floor 6 "the boring room" while Zach, Will and Uncle Michael on 8 on "fun side".
Will is so excited to see 1st Sunset on the boat.
Girls at the main pool.
Will spent ALOT of time on the slide.

Sofi, Lize & Will ate their weight in ice cream.
Girls dressed up for dinner. They are so beautiful. I am the luckiest mom in the world.
A formal dinner night. It is the only time we see Zach and Will not wet.
Our waiter made the hat for Willy.
Cruise boat-the big screen is where we saw movies every night. It was like a drive in but way cooler!!
Just swimming....

Uncle Michael and Sofia.
Lize at the very sad kiddie pool.
Too much fun....
Will in the the fresh salt water pool again.
Sunrise of day 4-Jamacia here we come!
Out of sequence but Lize is too stinkin cute!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

New Orleans

For Christmas, Birthday and winter vacation the kids decided to put all three together for a cruise. We left out of New Orleans. We got a full 1 1/2 days. We were also blessed to have our dear friends come from Texas to visit.
Just loved this tree
Zach and Uncle Michael. Zach did a great job acting like he was "off"
The many masks were amazing.
The French Quarter
Who would have thought some 7 years ago by bringing a meal to a mom on bedrest would have changed my life so much. In that seven years we have added 2 lil ladies from China and The Ronsmans 3 kiddos from China and a sweet firecracker of a daughter. That's 9 kiddos between us. No wonder we get along so well...we r both a bit crazy.