Thursday, June 11, 2009

What we know about Lize Grace 8 months later....

She loves the park and to CLIMB
She loves her "bid siser Sosi"

Lize loves to play, run, jump and CLIMB.

Lize loves "Donalds cheezabuders"

She loves the pool and swimming.

Most of all she loves "strawberry miltsakes"
We are blessed in every way to have this sweet little girl. She is the most Joyful child we have been blessed with so far. Her kindness, caring, loving spirit is overwhelming. She is so very patient. We can't imagine what GOD saw in us to give us this sweet child but are forever grateful!!! AAC is in our hearts forever.

Who would have known......

Who would have known that by mommy going to the bathroom ALONE that Sofi would find a sharpie marker and Lize would move a chair to climb on the counter to get the strawberry quick. Sofi came down stairs saying " I rand outa paper to write on but I twied to clean up". When I went to get cleaner for Sofi, Lize was standing in the middle of the kitchen. All she said was "nummy mommy". LIFE IS GOOD!!!