Friday, May 21, 2010

Calm in the midst of life.....

As I look at this picture, it makes my heart physically ache for another child. After a wonderful vacation, school coming to an end, a missions trip to Costa Rica, James traveling nearly every week and me working on the think my plate would be too full to even think of another child. It never is though. GOD has put this ache in my soul to be a mom of many. I love being "mommy". I enjoy every moment with all 4 of them, ecspecially the girls (b/c I'm still the center of their world). Summer is always awesome with all of them together. With all that though, I feel as if someone is waiting for me. Someone who needs a family to love them. The timing in our lives just seems so off right now financially but my heart is aching for someone I haven't even met yet......

Monday, May 17, 2010

Disney Fun....

Our original life group has been together for nearly 4 years. What a gift we have been given to have these wonderful people to do life with. Hollywood studios

Line for the jungle cruise. Ofcourse Trish made the outfits and bows.

At Hollywood studios. Zach went on the "tower of terror" 13 times.

Pool fun. Sofi is Jeanne's "bestest wady fwiend".

Sofi & Will at Mexico in Epcot.

Epcot's Circle of Life.

Dino ride at Animal Kingdom.

Lize with Neal at It's a small world.

Magic Kingdom!

Pirate Mickey Lize.

Buzz & Woody.

The Ladies!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The wedding.......

It turned out to be a "BEAUTIFUL" day. There was supposed to be t-storms but it was the complete opposite. Nicole looked wonderful. Uncle Michael was thrilled to hand her over to Jimmy...haha. She looked sooo elegant.

Aunt Debby and Russ (mother of the bride and brother-in-law)

The girls, well all the kids did great. Beyond expectations.

Notre Dame time....

What do you get when preschoolers are bored and there is a "storm drain".

The girls adore Jimmy. We all think he's pretty cool tooo.

Random dancing....