Monday, December 26, 2011

December fun...

The girls sporting their new scarves and hatsWill was a shepherd at church for 3 services

The kids get so excited every time Mrs Trish sends a package
Wills favorite gift from his friend Evan to wear on the cruise ship
James made these for our Christmas part-they are way toooo cute
James's gift to the family was Packer stock. You really have to live in WI to know how cool and awesome this really is

The ladies with Jules. I made sure they all had matching outfits somewhat
At our dear friends house Christmas day. What a huge gift it is to have friends that treat you like family.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The cute things kids say....

Lize and Sofi's "best fwiend" since meeting has been Jules. They are so sweet when they are together.

Jules was home with her mommy cleaning. For some reason she was asking her mom where things were made....
She hears many times, made in China. She excitedly says "I love China".....
Her mom asked why? "because my sisters Sofi and Lize came from there" "and my favotite toys".
I never realized Jules even understood they were from China and I love that she calls them "her sisters".