Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Time flys by...

John Lennon said "Life is what happens when your busy making others plans" so we try real hard to live. These kiddos we are blessed with continue to grow and we don't want to miss a thing.
 Lize realized she loves roller skating. She caught on quick like she does with everything. She has NO fear at all. Just determination!
 Lize and Faith are a hoot together. They have a sweet connection and always have fun.
 Silly gals
Will started 7th grade. 
 Lize 1st
 Sofia 2nd
We go every year to a family camp in northern WI. It is truly the highlight of the year.  
 Lize loves every minute
 Will tubing
 Lize rock climbing (big surprise)
 playing games is so much fun.
 Sofia lost a tooth
 Our senior. Boy has time flew by. We are getting everything together for him to apply for college.
 UW Madision game
 Amazon was supposed to deliver this in the day wrapped...instead 7:30 pm like this. No surprise on his 13th birthday. He was happy either way.
 We found out Will is a runner and great at it
 Sofia got a head lamp for her birthday
 8...how is that possible
 13..how is that possible

 The girls costume movie party
 lots of fun
We dressed up too. We were over the moon finding out we have a new daughter 16 hours earlier. She turned 1 on July 24th. She has a cleft similar to Lize's and she is beautiful. We look forward to traveling and adding out lil lady to our family.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Enjoying Summer and waiting

It is hard to believe July is here. Time seems to flying by. We have not heard anything about Elle. Each list that comes out is made up of 95% boys or girls with moderate to severe needs. It is getting VERY discouraging.  I know GOD has a plan but I can't help but feel like something/someone is missing from our family.
 The girls on 4th of July. Our town has an awesome family friendly, alcohol free event all day with fireworks to top the night off.
 Lize eating yet another treat. She had nose surgery 5 weeks ago. There is still swelling but she is VERY content with the results. We are happy she feels so "pretty".
                                                                 He's always a hoot!
 We went swimming with our friend Alivia. She is always excited to play with girls since she has 4 brothers.
                                                           Lize lost her 1st tooth
 We surprised the 2 older boys with a trip to California. It was a quick, busy 5 days with 1200 miles of driving (but worth every mile).
                                     Zach and Will at Alcatraz with Golden gate bridge behind.
                                                    We celebrated 22 years of marriage!
                                                            Zach on Malibu Beach
                                                               My boys
                                            Lauguna Beach-my favorite place on the plant!!
                                                   Silly kiddos at our by-weekly Bible study
                                                    Zach in his serious pose. He is finding out a lot about working this summer. Working at papa murphy's, hay baling & working out on the lake

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May already....

Life keeps plugging along. It's crazy how the days sometimes drag on but the weeks fly by. I am anxiously awaiting for summer break. I have still been working more than I would like but atleast the people I work with are pretty awesome.
 Will, Sofia and Lize at hotel pool. One of the perks of James travel is free nights for us.
 They crack me up. This is how they are with each other 95% of the time.
 Trish sent me a care package for Elle, who we are still waiting to find out who she is.
 The woods by are house are always a fun place to wonder around at.
                                                      Rare picture of the pre teen
Lizebele only falls asleep when she stops to sit still. She is a fireball of energy!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

 We are still here. Waiting for a match for Elle is getting hard. We have been busy just as we like it. I have been covering for another physical therapist while the kiddos are in school. I have not worked full time for over 15 years. I have got to say besides the extra money for Elle's adoption...I would rather be home full time. We went to the Shrine circus.
 The kids loved it. The look of amazement on their faces was priceless.
 Sofi usually is extreamly reserved but she enjoyed it too.

 We have had dress up play dates
 Went ice scating again and again
 Zach made it to the state powerlifting meet
 We have had more snow than we expected but enjoyed it all the same.
We are praying we get matched for Elle the end of April. Otherwise it will go into the end of June at the earliest for the next set of kiddos. There are alot of changes coming for Chinese adoptions....