Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 1 with Elle

This adoption has been different from the beginning. From the time we started the process, we noticed things had changed.  True to form, it was a  completely different process here in China as well.  We arrived at the hotel and within hours our beautiful little angel Ellesyn Lennon Mei Wei Newsome was placed in our arms in our hotel room in Lanzhou, China. Here's her first picture with her mommy:

Things moved very quickly once she was placed in our arms. So quickly, I wasn't even able to get but a couple of photos as we had had very little time together before we were off to our first appointments, that very day - Sunday.  So right after a 7 hour trip over the snow covered mountains, placed with strangers she was back in a car and off to appointments.  Here's a few photos of  our first trip together.  It didnt' take long to realize just how petite and tiny she really is.  She's almost 18 months and weighed less than 14 pounds.  She's completely happy as long as mommy is in her sight at minimum but even better if Dawn is holding her.
Although she wouldn't let me hold her or really talk to her right away, she did hold my thumb for a little of the drive.  That's when I realized just how tiny her little hand was and took this picture (no trick photography, it's really that tiny):

She is truly another one of my little princesses.  We had a few appointments and then it was back to the hotel for some R & R, which I think it safe to say we all needed.  Elle slept through most of the night and we had a Great first night together.



Alissa Nicholas said...

She's BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't believe how tiny she is…. What a little angel. I'm so happy for you guys. Congratulations and give Elle a kiss and a hug for me! xoxoxoxoxoxo……… Love, Alissa

Matt Ronsman said...

So awesome! We are thrilled for you guys! She is beautiful!!

Journey to our baby said...

Oh my, she is absolutely beautiful!! I was not expecting you to hold her on Sunday and was thinking it would be Monday - she is such a blessing.