Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 7 with Elle - January 18th


Today was a beautiful day in Guangzhou.  We were up early and ready to do our visa application and medical exam.  Before we left for the day, we took a few pictures in the hotel:

                         Here's Dawn and Elle in the lobby:                             
Here's our main hotel lobby:
A three story spiral mahogany wood staircase
A picture of most of the's so big I couldn't fit into my lens area..

Then we were off to the medical exam.  Overall Elle didn't have too much of an issue as long as her mommy was close by:

We found out that the scales in the earlier hotel were off and after a week of eating, Elle still only weighs 12.9 Lbs at 18 months old and she's only 26.5" long.  After the medical exams, we went back to the hotel and out for some lunch:

After lunch, Elle went back to the room for an afternoon nap.  I took the opportunity to do a little exploring and here's a few pics:

I returned to the room and waited for Elle to wake up.  If you "get" me -James, you'll instantly get the humor of the next picture.


Sarah said...

What a little peanut! She's adorable!

Trish Schulte said...

Elle is the size Hannah was when we got her, teeny tiny little thing! Love ya all, have fun and keep the pics coming!!!

Journey to our baby said...

Such a little sweetie :). She looks so content in the pics. Thinking of you! Ps- your house is still standing :)