Sunday, January 05, 2014

Elle here we come....It's almost time to finally be united our beautiful little lady...hold on Elle, mommy and daddy will soon be there

Well, after almost two years in the making we will soon be on our way to get our little Ellesyn Lennon Mei Wei Newsome.  She's a little peanut:  born on July 24, 2012 and currently weighs about 14 - 15 pounds.  We leave on January 8th and we plan to post our journey on our blog as many of you have been praying and asking about her. 

We'd like to thank Uncle Dewight and James' cousin Lillie for coming to be with our kids while we're gone. Our journey begins with us stopping in Istanbul, Turkey (after about 10 hours of flying) and while we have a 10 hour layover, I'm going to take Dawn to the Grand Bazaar and have some of that great Mediterranean food. Then we hop back on a plane and fly another 10 - 11 hours to Guangzhou, China.  We will then clear customs only to check into domestic flights, wait 3 hours and then take another plane for 4 hours to Xian China.  We will be there for two nights and one full day where we will see the Terracota Warriors and other historic sites in Xian. We will then fly to Lanzhou, China where we will finally be united with our beautiful little Elle.  After staying there for a week, its back to Guangzhou, China for a week and then we head home.

Here's a map with our travel route:

We hope you enjoy the postings (providing we can access the blog - some cities and provinces in China have blocks that don't allow access) we plan to make.  Please continue pray for our safe travels and the family's transition  to a family of 7...YEAH!!!!


Gwen said...

So exciting!!! You can bet we'll be following along! Safe travels, can't wait to see her!!

Alissa Nicholas said...

Yay! Sounds like a blast.I Cant wait to follow your journey. :)