Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 4 and 5 with Elle

The past two days have involved very little adoption appointments but more sight seeing and a better understanding of Lanzhou's history.  Our guide, Melody (who's been an incredible person with a love for her country, her city, her job and kids. She has shared her wealth of knowledge of Lanzhou and has helped give us a great appreciation for this part of China) has made being in Lanzhou fun and helped us see the sights and taste the many foods here.
Lanzhou sits in a valley between the mountains.  The city of approximately 3 - 4 million is at 4,000 feet elevation and is the only city in all of China that has the Yellow River run through the whole city.  It was the second stop on the ancient Silk Road of China.  With its diverse make of ethnic Chinese groups, its an exciting place.
I thought I would put a few random pictures from the past two days, so here it goes:
First, here's a picture of the national bird of China, The Crane.  I know I read that the Chinese economy is slowing down but let me tell you, the amount of construction going on is nothing like I've seen in my previous trips.  In Xian, I stopped counting after 50 under construction 40+ story high rise buildings in a very limited part of the city.  Here in Lanzhou, I quickly looked around while driving and walking and counted just as many projects.

Before we started out, here's my little angel Elle taking a quick nap (isn't she the cutest sucking her thumb?).

 Here she is giving me the speech, " Look daddy, when I'm sleeping you don't wake me up to go sight seeing, got it!"

Here's a cup of one of the many types of tea they have here.  Those of you who know me well know how much I love tea - me being James.  This cup was very good (Zach, you'd love all the different types available).

The Yellow River

500+ year old water wheel which is still operational (in summer)

The mill which is powered by the water wheel
Our wonderful guide, Melody

The statue of Mother Yellow (depicting the Yellow River is the Mother River)
A great overlook to the Yellow River

Lanzhou has the first ever bridge over the Yellow River in all of China.  Here's Dawn, Elle and I standing on it

It's been a great week here but I have to admit that we're looking forward to flying from northern China to southern China where its been in the high 60's and low 70's... Guangzhou here we come. 

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HAHA!! Love the picture of James and Elle in a stare down LOL :)