Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday, January 24th our last day in China

Today is our last day in China.  We spent the day doing some last minute shopping and we took one last trip back to the Island.  Like the Island, China itself has changed so dramaticlly since our first trip here so many years ago.

We'll forever have a connection to this place, this culture, and the people of China.  Of all the many things made in China, we think we have the three most precious of all...our daughters.  I thank the mothers and fathers who served as our angels of mercy and blessed us with three incredible girls.

As we leave and head home, I wish the best for China and its people.  Gone are the days of "inexpensive" living and purchasing goods in China.  There's a change that has taken place here, it's as if the people (especially the youth) have taken hold of "western culture" and may soon forget their own culture and history.  I fear that the "Monster of More" and "Image is Everything" has wiggled its way into this place as an infection that will unfortunately continue to grow.

And we're off....


ann chaloux said...

Thanks for sharing your journey! I loves every but of your adventures and your pictures. I hope things are going well, and We look forward to an update on how things are at home!

huo c j said...

very apt comment about Material consumerism taking over. Fortunately there are still very mall pockets trying to preserve the old heritage. Including the Chinese Diaspora and Chinese museums and associations abroad.