Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 11 with Elle - January 22, 2014

Today was a "free day" so we decided to go (along with our other adoption agency family here with us) to the Safari Park.  We did the last trip here and it was well worth a revisit on this trip.  It's an incredible place that gets you up close with all the animals including pandas.  Will is going to be thrilled to know Elle loves animals.  Here's some pics from the great day we had:

As you can see, there was something for everyone.  This place is HUGE and we had a great day.  It won't be too much longer before we're on our way home and let me tell you it can't come soon enough.  We've truly enjoyed our time in China but we sure do miss our kids and being home.  Tick..Tick..Tick.  the clock is counting down now.


Sarah said...

Elle's sweet cheeks are so kissable!!! Love the Safari Park.

Gwen said...

Great pics! We loved the safari park, too!