Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 6 with Elle - January 17, 2014

Today was mostly a travel day from Lanzhou (north China) to Guangzhou (south China).  Oh how it was good to get to the warmth of southern China: It was just over 70 degrees when we landed.  Guangzhou is a great city and we are staying at a very luxurious hotel in the heart of the city that literally is nearly one city block in size. Our room is the size of a standard apartment in China.   Beyond the climate, the location of our hotel is central to everything and we can walk to an excessive amount of stores, shops, restaurants, etc.   Here's a couple of pics from outside our window:

Tomorrow is filled with adoption related activities such as going to start the process for Elle's visa and her medical exam, which should be "fun" -not really - for her.  Again, thanks for all the prayers and support from everyone as we are convinced that it's what making our trip as smooth as it is.


Trish Schulte said...

We want more pics of sweet little Elle!!!!!!!! Please, pretty please????????
Love y'all!!!!!

Gwen said...

Wow, sounds like a nice hotel!! Good luck with the med exam!

Karin said...

Just realized that there is another former River Valley family in GZ right now! I think they were there after you guys had moved away but it might be fun to see if you can connect? I think they might have gotten to GZ one day sooner than you (but with the time change, I might have that wrong). Their names are Larry and Melissa Baldwin and they adopted a 6 year old boy named, Benjamin. They are staying at Holiday Inn Shifu.